35 Cal. Clip

Found this clip.

The only thing written on it is 35 Cal.
Who made it, and for what.

Thanks in advance


Looks like one of the clips made for the Remington Model 8/81 autoloaders, in .35 Remington. There was an article about all the numerous Remington clip varieties and calibers in the Journal about 2 years ago, which I don’t have in hand. These clips are occasionally seen on eBay, GunBroker, etc. (rather pricey, however) and I think they will also work for the Remington M81 autoloader in .300 Savage, even though the Savage rim diameter is a bit larger. Oddly, the M8/81 magazine capacity is only 4 rounds for those two chamberings (those in .25, .30, and .32 will hold 5), but the clip will hold 5 rounds.

An item of dubious utility, as I can load my Remington autoloaders nearly as rapidly using individual rounds (if you know the trick) as using the clip. Plus, how often does one need a rapid reload while hunting? But they do keep rounds from rattling around in your pocket. Back in the day these rifles were made, the clips were about a dime. Now they are more like $25 and up.

The .35 and .300 caliber Remington are 4-shooters only if you figure the M1 Rifle is a 7-shooter. The clip holds 5 rounds and all 5 can be fed into the magazine. Once loaded, however, the bolt will strip off the top round as it is released from its “open” position. The .25, .30, and .32 rifles will, however, permit the cartridges to be pushed down enough to allow the bolt to close on an empty chamber. Jack

Neither the .35 nor the .300 rifles I have will accommodate more than 4 rounds in the magazine (the .30 Rem magazine will allow a full 5 rounds). You can manually push down on the top round of the four rounds to allow bolt closure with a fifth round in the chamber. But it will not go down enough to add a fifth round.

Dennis: I was going to offer to try to clip-load my .35, but I only have a .25-.30-.32 clip. I don’t have loaded .35 cartridges and won’t try putting empty brass into the mag. I did check with a friend with two .300 Savage-chambered rifles and he says they will both accept five rounds in the magazine, tho round number five is a tight fit. Jack

There may be some dimensional variances among rifles allowing some M8/81s in .300S (M81 only) and .35R to hold 5 rounds while some will hold only 4. John Henwood’s book (The Great Model 8 and 81) states:

“Remember that the .35 Remington and .300 Savage magazines only hold 4 cartridges, even though the clips will hold 5. (Most magazine boxes will accept 5 cartridges, but the bolt cannot be closed without chambering the top cartridge).” (p.202)

Mine are among those that will not hold 5 in the magazine. I’ve tried - close, but that fifth round will not fit. Mine in those calibers are both late production (post-WWII) M81s. M8s and M81s of earlier manufacture may be different.

Dennis: I haven’t seen Henwood’s Collector Grade book, but his original small paperback has the same statement about magazine capacity. My guess is that Remington tried to make enough space for five rounds but didn’t succeed every time. Jack

About any GI 7.62 X 51 clip (and probably older .30-'06 clips) will work for the .35 and the .300. They just don’t have the prominent ear stops mid-clip, as your photos show. I’ve tried them, but don’t use them as they are not really necessary.

But we’re getting off the original subject about what this clip is. Are we agreed it is for a Remington M8/81?

Yes, it’s a Remington 8/81 clip. With its use one will cut one’s fingers, without it one might avoid the blood-letting. There’s no easy way to load this thing. Jack

The trick - push the cartridge, base-down, into the rear of the magazine follower, then flip it forward. Repeat as needed. Fast and simple, no cuts or abrasions. Works also for the M1895 Winchester.