35 remington from spanish case

Well,I have this 35 Remington cartridge made from a spanish 7.92 X 57 mm case but I’ m wondering if it is a factory load ( due to the factory type crimp) or a reload.


Primer isn’t struck as it seems in the photo #2

What is the rim diameter? IIRC the 35Rem uses a smaller rim. I’m showing .456 (11.6mm) for the Rem vs the “nominal” .473 (12mm) of the Mauser family.

How does it compare to a 9x57 dimentionaly?

Rim diameter is .456" but it doesn’t seem to be had been turned down

Look at the crimp:

Here is compared with a 9 X 57 R ( I haven’t got the rimless version,sorry)

Hi all, I

Ehm,Are you telling me that I have a rare and valuable cartridge?Did that general use this cartridge to hunt?


Is it a spanish version of the 35 Remington or is not interchangeable with it?


excuse me, I forgot to say tha many especimen having probabbly been assembled from reworked cases, and for this reason you can to find wiht headstamps: S 7,92 62 and S 7,9 59.In some cases, the primer is laquered green

Good, this cartridge having been specially for General Gonzalo, I think so that he used this cartridges for hunt (sorry I don

If I understood you it is a factory made cartridge and reworking case operations were done by the manufacture,but I don’t understand if it is interchangeable with 35 Remington or not.


yes, yes, its some cartridge,equal.

Wasn’t Don Gonzalo like the number 3 man behind Francisco Franco?

[quote=“Hardrada55”]Wasn’t Don Gonzalo like the number 3 man behind Francisco Franco?


That’s a pretty hefty cartridge for any rifle (35mm). Is this a box labelling error?


Gravel, I think someone just got the termnology wrong. They should have said “.35 Calibre” instead of “Calibre 35 mm.”. They simply got confused between imperial and metric measurements.

The Sevilla cartridges in this caliber are legitimate .35 Remington and have not been assembled from reworked cases. Case head diameter, for instance, is smaller for the .35 Rem than for the 7’92 Mauser.

In the photos you can see two different styles. Those with 7’9 headstamp have cases that have been acid-washed and polished for better appearance. They also have an all-green primer and green casemouth seal. The bullets are different too.
Those with the 7’62 headstamp are left plain, with no seals and no cosmetic alterations. Of course, these are not made from 7’62 x 51 cases, in spite of the headstamp bunters used.

I am enclosing a photo of a Don Gonzalo box plus two different Rada boxes, in 7 x 57R and 7’7 x 56R.

Gonzalo Queipo de Llano y Sierra (1875-1951) was one of the 4 originators (Franco amongst them) of the military coup which did not succeed and gave way to the spanish civil war of 1936-1939. He commanded the southern operations army during the war and was sometimes referred to as the “Vice King of Andalusia”. After the war only he and Franco were left and his star started to decline.

Ricardo de Rada Peral (1885-1956) as a lieutenant general was the military governor of the southern military region between 1946 and 1952.

We have to suppose that these cartridges were released to the hunting market and not delivered exclusively to Don Gonzalo or General Rada.

And by the way, the Rada bullet was a jacketed hollow point with a gilding metal ballistic tip, much like the commercial Remington Bronze Point.

Schneider, thanks for that information. Can you explain what the 7,7x56R is that you referred to ? What is it based on ? Is it the same as the 7.7x56R French/Belgian sporting ?

Well, the 7’7 x 56R I refer to is the .303 British.

Thanks Schneider, that should have been obvious to me.

The Seville facility also produced sporting 7.92x57mm for, or at the direction of, the Spanish Generals. They were packed in some pretty neat boxes.

The two round-nose rounds are hollow-points by the way.

Some other sporting ammunition boxes from Spain:

9’3 x 74R loaded for Lt. General Rafael Garc

These are great thanks Schneider.

What do you know of a “IGNACIO FIERRO” proprietary hs was produced on 8x57 Mauser made by the Spanish Arsenal at Toledo c1950-1960 ?