35 Remington headstamp question

Does anyone know about what decade these two 35 Rem headstamps would hail from? 1950’s, 1970’s?? Or were they around for a long span?

The “W-W SUPER” dates from the mid-1980’s and may still be in use unless it has been replaced in the last few years by “WIN”. The “U M C” was used from the introduction of the 35 Rem. in 1908 to the merger of Remington Arms and UMC in 1911.

There is an old joke that the most dangerous job in the factory was the man who stamped the “U” on the primer before they packed the ammo…

Introduction date of the .35 Remington was 1906. Perhaps Remington had a reason for introducing a rifle in 1906 and naming it the Model 8, but it is confusing. JG