35 remington questions

hello hope some one can help. while going through my individual 35 remington cartridges i noticed some questionable cartridges. i have 2 very similar semi pointed hollowpoints with rem-unc headstamps.one weighs 349 grn. the other 330 grn. these i believe to be 150 grainers. have never seen any box that listed this bullet. the 200 grain rem spcl weigh 380 grains but again i have a rem-umc mushroom core-lock that weighs 398 grains, 20 grains more than 200 grn remingtons. this puzzles me as a few grains always exists but 20? did anyone ever manufacture a 220 grn load? or any other load except 150 and 200? thanks again

30-30remchester–As of 1931 (The last year I have cataloged so far) Remington had produced Hi-Speed 150 gr. Mushroom, 170gr Pointed Metal Cased, 200gr Soft Point and 200gr. Metal Cased, Express 200gr. Mushroom. In 1939 they introduced the 200gr Core-Lokt Mushroom and 200gr. Core-Lokt Soft Point. All of these had REM-UMC headstamps.

[color=red]NOTE–Edited on 13 Feb to add 150gr. Pointed Soft Point to the list.[/color]

I also spot checked the catalogs every 5 years though 1960 and these were the only bullet weights and load types I found.

This may not help you much, but once upon a time I weighed some 350 Rem 30-06 cases, IIRC the difference between the lightest and heaviest was some 45-50gr. The majority (95% or so) were within a 10gr window, with the remaining 5% scattered between there and the extreems