35 x 228mm KDA HVAP-DS-T, DM23


My name is Toelen Tim and I am a student of the Royal Military Academy of Belgium. As a part of the course ballistics we have to make a paper concerning a specific type of ammunition.

We need to discuss the following ammunition: 35 x 228mm KDA HVAP-DS-T, DM23.

We need some information concerning this type of ammunition. Does anyone have some more information about this type?

Thanks in advance!



A small amount of information:

cartrology.com/browse-ammuni … em&ID=1936

In addition you should also ask your question on BOCN (British Ordnance Collectors Network) bocn.co.uk/vbforum/

One company to search is RHEINMETALL DEFENCE


Brian, I think that the HVAP-DS-T is an APDS rather than APFSDS round.


You are right, that’s what happens when one is in a hurry!



DM23 was replaced by the DM33 FAPDS in the mid-nineties.

Published data on the DM23 is a projectile mass of 380 g and a muzzle velocity of 1400 m/s. The tungsten projectile inside the sabot has a diameter of about 19 mm and a mass of 295 g.

Its predecessor was the DM13, a conventional AP-HEI projectile. The post by bdgreen shows -as far as I can tell- the later DM43 AHEAD design, the first fin stabilized one. All previous models were spin stabilized.

As a matter of interest, does anyone know anything about the 35mm APFSDS? I gather that one was being developed by Rheinmetall for used in the Bushmaster III guns fitted to the CV9035 IFVs bought by Denmark and the Netherlands.