.350 APEX wildcat

I am a contributing editor for NRA Technical Section Q&A. A reader has a custom Mauser 98-action rifle in caliber .350 APEX. He acquired it in 1969, and he says the cartridge is a 300 H&H Mag expanded to .35 caliber. It came with a set of RCBS dies marked .350 APEX, but RCBS says they have no record of that caliber. He wants to know who developed this and any other information on the cartridge.

I know about the Holland & Holland .240 Apex introduced in 1919. I’m pretty sure there is no connection. H&H registered the name APEX because they say it means “pointed bullet” in Latin.

See my response to John Moss in the other thread on this topic.

I just spent four hours searching for the Apex ammunition catalogue I am certain I still have from when the gun store I worked at closed, and I scavanged EVERYTHING I could get before it went to the dumpster.

I will look again over the next couple days…

Hi Mike
I didn’t think they had bullets when Latin was commonly being spoken, but if that’s what H&H said…
As you well know the Apex it the highest point of a curve.

The late Lt. Col. Joe Smith of Civilian Marksmanship / Camp Perry fame shot the .300 APEX. It was the .300 H&H (or 375 H&H as same basic case) with a shoulder change. But the .350 is new to me. Sorry not more help.