.350 apex

A friend of mine inquired about information on the .350 APEX cartridge, but I did not have any. Can anyone help us out with this?

John Moss

It may or may not be related, but Ackley lists the .35 Apex Magnum in Vol. I.

This is the same case as the .300 Apex except necked up to accept the .35 calibre bullets. The overall length of the .35 Apex and the .35 Ackley magnum is almost exactly the same; however, the length of the body of the Ackley case is very slightly longer which makes the capacity of the Apex case slightly less. Since this difference is hardly measurable, loading data for the two cartridges is interchangeable.

He has this to say of the .300 Apex:

The .300 Apex Magnum is the same case as the 6.5 Apex, but necked up to accept .30 calibre bullets. This should be a fine cartridge of about maximum capacity for the .30 bore. It is noticeably longer than the No. 2 short .30 Ackley Magnum, but otherwise of almost identical design.

And finally, on the 6.5 Apex, we get a little information on the origin:

These cartridges are the development of the Apex Rifle Company, Sun Valley, California. These cartridges, with the exception of the .300 Super are made by shortening and necking down the .300 H & H brass. The .300 Super is identical to the standard .300 H & H except the shoulder angle which is somewhat sharper. The 6.5, .300 and .35 Apex cartridges are quite similar to the Ackley line in powder capacity but are slightly longer overall and feature considerable more body taper.

Edited to add some discussion of the 35 Apex from another forum:

and discussion of Apex Rifle Co. indicating it was still in business as recently as 2011:

I guess the next question is does anyone know if the .35 APEX and the .350 APEX are different case types, or two different designations for the same case type?

John Moss

Does anyone have any more details on the Apex cartridges? What I’m trying to find out are:

  1. Are they intended as custom hunting rounds for rifles made by Apex Rifle company?
  2. Are they all labeled as magnums (6.5 Apex Mag; .300 Apex Mag; .35 Apex Mag)?
  3. Does any one know the dates they were created?