350 "System Sharps" Headstamps

Hello all! These two recently came in together. The first example has a headstamp with an “R” in a shield. The second example has a raised “D” headstamp. I have been researching these rounds and it appears that the Gustav Genschow Co. in Germany manufactured both examples. However, I have another source saying the “R” within the shield stands for Rheinisch Westfalische Sprengstoff Nurenburg Sinoxide Priming. Which is correct?



I can’t say for sure but unless RWS directly evolved from Gustav Genschow Co. which I don’t think it did, it would be two separate makers, probably at very different times as the Sintox priming was I THINK post 1920’s .

I’m sure someone will correct the above if I’m wrong.

As an aside this can also be found in shot loading’s both single and double charge. Gevelot was also a maker and it is found in a (pointed) ball load with this raised D&C hs.

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We’ve gone over this before but just to be clear the SINOXID priming was developed from 1926 and Patent applied for by Dynamit Nobel at Stadeln Work (RWS) in Germany on 01 Dec 1928.

SINTOX® was according to Dynamit Nobel AG , the first environment-friendly priming composition launched on the market. Sintox was a protected trade-mark from c1980.

The R in shield was the standard RWS hs for RF cartridges from c1905 and is not SINOXID primed. I believe that the D (for Durlach) was the standard RF hs for Genschow.

Evidently On 1 Jan 1928, a contract between RWS and Gustav Genschow & Co (Geco) came into effect. The content of this agreement was as follows: The pistol cartridges and shotshells of both companies would be manufactured in the Durlach plant of Genschow and the Rimfire, revolver, Flobert-cartridges, primers, cases and air gun pellets of both would be manufactured in the RWS plants in Nuremberg and Stadeln.

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Thanks Brad

Thank you both! Here is the link where I found some initial information and may be beneficial for others as well. http://www.germanhuntingguns.com/archives/gustav-genschow-co-geco/

That helps clear things up a bit and provides some great educational information as well.

I once had this h.s. in ball round nose lead bullet,never saw shot loadings.

Howdy Eric
Below left to right. the round ball load with a raised “D” headstamp (hs) you mentioned. A single charge with the “R in shield” hs, A double charge shot dummy with a raised “G” hs & then far right a tan paper double shot load with a raised “D” hs. (sorry I didn’t get it to straight).