.351 s.l


I was told that .351 S.L. was used by US Border Patrol. May anyone verify that?


Yes it was used by the US Border Patrol, but unofficial:

“…the choice was a Winchester… Model 1907 .351 autoloading rifle. It came regularly equipped with a five-shot clip-loading magazine. Patrolmen tossed this clip aside and bought three ten-shot clips. One for the rifle and two to carry in the belt. This rifle became virtuall the unofficial long arm of the service. It was never purchased by the Department of Labor but was obtained on the part of the individual. The .351 figured in almost all of the gun battles between the federal officers and the smugglers. The fighting grew so frequent and the gangs got so large that in most of the border districts the officers were compelled to work in parties of three. Two of the officers were armed with the .351 auto, and the third packed the old Model 97 shot-gun. It made a lethal combination and one that accounted for the demise of many a gun-swinging contrabandista”

This is from the book “Gun Fighters” by Col. Charles Askins page 268 published by the National Rifle Association of America 1981

The time period is the 1920’s


Here is more history on Winchester Model 1907 .351 autoloader


Some more interesting info on the Win M1907 and the .351SL from the article on assault rifle ammo on my website:

“The French also nearly made it into the record books with the first selective-fire rifle using purpose-designed intermediate ammunition. During WW1 they made some use of the semi-automatic Winchester Model 1907 in .351 … the rifle design was very simple, being blowback only. While these were mainly used by aircrew, in 1917 France placed an order for 2,200 of an automatic version of the M1907 for use by special assault soldiers. At the same time, they were modifying the .351 SL cartridge by necking it down to accept an 8mm bullet, creating the 8mm Ribeyrolle. The war ended before anything could come of this.”


It was also used by the RFC in the UK with both ball and locally made tracer ammunition. The rifles were modified with case catchers, enlarged trigger guards and cocking lever…



During first WW a small number of Winchester Mod.1907 S.L. cal.351 were also used by Italian Army for airports surveillance. I have in my collection a brand new Winchester mod.1910 S.L. cal. 401.