.357 Buckshot?

Hi folks,

Does anybody know this cartridge? Never seen such thing before.

.357 Magnum, buth with a very long plastic container as a projectile.

What’s the rifle for firing this one??


it a loading for the thompson contender gun

In case someone is not familiar with the Thompson Center “Contender”, it is a single-shot pistol with a break-open action similar to a single-shot or double-barrel shotgun. Because of the design, it can, by simply changing barrels, be used with many different cartridge case types. The shot cartridges, as I recall, were called “Hot-Shots” by Thompson Center, and were marketed in several revolver calibers. They even had special barrels for them with a choking device on the muzzle. The extremely long length was not a problem, since the guns are single-shot, with the round loaded by hand directly into the barrel, as with a shotgun. .

John Moss.

Thank you Ammogun and John.
Very clear.
I found info on the internet now, using the terms Tomson Contender and 357 Magnum.
It’s a strange weapon after all, even as pistols using a scope too

Mystery solved, thanks!!