.357 KRAKEN Blank Cartridges By STV Group, Czechoslovakia

From the ARMY POINT website: https://www.armypoint.cz/nabojky-kraken-sf-1/d-92558/





S&B .357 MAG cartridge cases made into blanks.

Enlarged portion of the photo from above.

Google translation of the item description from the ARMY POINT webpage-

"Description: KRAKEN SF 1 cartridges
Special cartridges for KRAKEN SF1 , caliber .357 KRAKEN. Balení contains 50pcs of cartridges. Packed in a cardboard box. Manufacturer: STV GROUP"

From Wikipedia: https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/SF1_Kraken

"SF1 Kraken is a weapon mainly used by police forces during riots to restore order. It is not lethal (hit causes only injury, not death). The weapon is specially made for usage against civilians without risking casualties (loss of life). The average distance of fire is about 30m, maximum is 100m and depends on type of bullet. SF1 Kraken uses the energy of gases from .357 Magnum blank cartridges.

Bullet types
Common tennis ball - to stop or paralyze human or animal, for distances up to 30m.
Gas grenade - covers an area or some of friendly units with harmless smoke.
Tear gas grenade - covers an area of crowd with tear gas, causes intensive crying and burn of eyes.
P1 charge - uses strong acoustic effect (similar to simple banger or firecracker) to frighten or shock human or animal.
P2 charge - uses acoustic effect and tear gas, combination of Tear gas grenade and P1 charge.
Shot gun - filled with 20 rubber balls (instead of lead bullets)."

Photo from https://www.armypoint.cz/neletalni-zbran-kraken-sf1/d-92557/

Any additional information or translation of the box labels is most appreciated.



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