357 lapua cet

Can anyone please provide any information on this loading and the meaning of the headstamp shown in the title?

is it CET or CEP?


I haven’t seen it - I’m asking on behalf of someone else - but CET is what I was told.

Does CEP have a meaning?

I have never heard headstamp "357 LAPUA CET"
I think Pivi means CEPP (Controlled Effect Police Projectile)

Yes,I meant CEPP,I forgot a “P”.CEPP is a kind of bullet


Tony - I searched all of my Lapua catalogs and literature, as well as the few articles on Lapua I have, and couldn’t find any reference to “CET”. I think the guys are correct that it is actually “CEPP,” a bullet type that has been advertised by them for years.

There was also a cartridge “.30-357 AeT” which was developed in collaboration with Nammo Lapua Oy. It was supposed to be marketed in a 123 grain FMJ loading. However, aside from a flyer I got in 2001 for it, I have seen little or nothing on the round. It is not in any of the actual Lapua catalogs that I have. It was the brainchild of Italian gun writer Nicola Bandini, who named the cartridge after the Italian gun magazine “Armi e Tiro” hence the name .30-357 AeT. The firm of Fratelli Pietta in Italy was going to market a line of “Peacemaker” (Colt Model 1873 types) revolvers chambered for it. In a picture of it, it appears to be a .357 Magnum necked to .30, loaded with a spitzer or spire point bullet. From the bullet weight, they probably used a 7.62 x 39 bullet or something very similar. However, no case specs are given.

I mention this round because since the CEPP is a bullet type, I am not sure they headstamped cases with that designation. The AeT is a cartridge name, and I would guess the cases were so-headstamped. Not being into these revolver rounds, I am not sure in either case, though. I based my comment on the “CEPP” designation not likely to be on headstamps on the fact that 9mm Para rounds with the CEPP bullet are not so-headstamped.

I have an article by Bandini about 30-357 A&T if you are interested to.It is a 357 magnum necked down to 308" rifle bullets (light 308 winchester ones).It is still avaiable trough “bersaglio mobile” gunshop.I have 1 or 2 30-357 cases that are headstamped FAP 30-357 A&T (FAP=fabbrica armi Pietta).
They were made by Lapua for Pietta
John.you are right:it was chambered on special modified peacemaker replicas.


A bit off topic, but is the FAP headstamp in a diamond always, or does it come both ways? (On the .30-357 AeT headstamp.) And you wrote A&T. Is that the same as AET? (The E is a smaller size.)

yes,FAP is included into a diamond.I have seen only this kind of headstamp.I made a mistake abour its headstamp,it is AeT not A&T,sorry.
However the meaning of AeT and A&T is the same.On the magazine and on the armi e tiro forum A&T form is often used instead of AeT one


Regarding the .30-357 AeT cartridge, I have just been sent by my dear friends Otto and John Witt a photograph of a headstamp “LAPUA .30-357 AeT.” You guys expert on these revolver rounds probably knew about both headstamps already, but to an auto pistol guy like myself, the “LAPUA” rendition was a new one. I had only known about the “FAP” in a Diamond headstamp.

Does anyone have one of these LAPUA headstamps in duplicate? Not the FAP, just the LAPUA.

Yes,it is listed in the bersaglio mobile gunshop catalog under the lapua made-cases,so the ones you can buy in Italy should be headstamped LAPUA .30-357 AeT,but I have never had one in my hands.I have only the FAP headstamped case,probably made during the early days of this caliber