357 mag geco metal piercing

i have two rounds of geco with metal piercing bullet (one with nickel plated case and other with brass case but both with nickel plated bullet)
i would know if exist a brass or tombac bullet (with pointed conical bullet)
i see on the net a recent picture of geco 357 mp with tombac bullet but the bullet is less pointed that my rounds
thank in advance for your responses

I have only ever seen the nickel-plated jacketed bullets in the Geco metal-piercing loads. I have seen mostly nickel-plated cases, but also some less common copper-plated and standard brass types:

DK - Is it an optical illusion on my screen, or in my feeble brain, that the cartridge on the right, in copper-wash brass (? I am assuming brass, and not steel) case, seems to have a larger diameter primer than the others? Or perhaps is that illusion simply a product of it being plain brass cup, instead on a nickel-plated cup? From Geco in this period, a CWBr case should denote something special - experimental or perhaps a proof load.

Your eyes are not deceiving you John. I’m not sure what it means, but in my higher-resolution photo, it does appear that the primer on the copper-washed case is larger than the other primers. I can only tell for sure when I cut & paste the primer from the left over the one on the right, and it is then clearly different, but just slightly. It probably is some odd experimental cartridge. I took the photo at the Woodin lab.

thank for your responses
if my memory is good i think i saw a geco 357 mag with brass bullet (conical pointed)on french catalog but i’m not sure and i think i fired one in the stand but not sure (blue box with two entire brass rounds printed on the box)