.357 Mag UPE with State Names

I have new un-primed Empty .357 Mag. brass cases, one headstamped “TEXAS 357 MAG” and the other “CALIFORNIA 357 MAG”. These were obtained back about 1987 or so. As I recall, the intention was to issue these for each state. I am sure they were made by Star-Line, but who distributed them and how many different states were actually produced? Were they also made in .38 Spl.?

Ron - I couldn’t find anything definitive on the California Headstamp, but it is my impression that it was offered by Midway Arms. I could be wrong. There is no question about the Texas-headstamped brass however. I do not, by any means, have a complete catalog file for Midway Arms. In fact, I don’t keep them unless they have a specific Midway-Brand ammunition product in them, anymore. Oterwise I would have to devote a file cabinet to them. My earliest catalog to show the “TEXAS” brass is January 1994. That in no way means I am saying that is when this headstmap was introduced. It was offered in calibers .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum and .45 Auto, product codes 176-208, 403-565 and 619-754 respectively. In the same catalog the first-name headstamps, Jim, Bob, Bill and John, were all offered on .357 Mag brass as well.

A February 1994 catalog shows the first-name headstamped brass being closed out with the caveat “Supplies are Limited” on the ad. That catalog still shows the Texas headstamp on the same three calibers. The last catalog I have showing the Texas headstamp is March 1996, still only on the same three calibers. My next catalog after that is dated Winter 1998 and does not include any of the Midway proprietary specialty brass.

I am sorry I can’t pin it down closer for you, or definitively identify the “California” round. I hope this little bit of information hels somewhat.

John M.