.357 Magnum box by Santa B

This is a box for .357 Magnum cartridges, made in Palencia. Manufactured for the civilian market in several lots over the years.

The propellant is WC-295 ball powder from Olin Corporation.

Brass Berdan primer, green annulus.

Semijacketed flat nose bullet, 8,30 gram (128 grains).

Headstamp: (SB .357).

Reference: Molina-Orea page 960.

I have one for the .38 Special. Are the boxes color-coded to specific ammo?

I don’t think so. .38 Special comes in red; .357 in blue; 9 x 19 in green or blue; 9 x 17, 7,65 x 17 and 6,35 x 15 come in green. I’m speaking of commercial boxes. 9 parabellum for the military and police comes in brown.
All of this was before 2000. I haven’t heard of Santa B