357Mag & 9mmP hst "MAD"

The two rounds pictured below recently came to me from Europe (only the pictures). They may have appeared in an auction or an ad. Apparently they are suppose to be super-AP loads.

I have my own opinion on them, but would be interested if anyone knows anything about the origin of the photos, the story behind the cartridges or the identification of the “MAD” headstamp.



This “cartridges” are nothing but a “1st of april joke” .
They were sold on the european egun internet trade platform.
The description said that MAD stands for „ Meteorite Alien Defense“. Allegedly the bullet is made of extraterrestrial material.
The purpose is to kill aliens. Seems that this is the increase of the Zombie-ammo-madness.
My opinion: silly tinkering, no real ammunition.

Here the links (in german):

I wonder if “MAD” applies to the seller as well - just with a more traditional meaning.

WOW!!! There are even two bullet variations in 9mm! Good thing they are already sold or I’d have to buy them both…

Thanks for the info. This is basically the story I had heard from a friend.

Still, someday one or more of these photos will resurface somewhere and it is important to know the story behind them.

I appreciate the help on these.

Hate to admit it but I have got some other items in my collection drawers that have about as much reality to them as these rounds. The creators just forgot to say “April Fool” as they passed them on!

Again, Thanks.


The really sad thing is that there are so many “Aprils” ahead and the jokers hardly ever will become extinct.

Does anyone know, just for the record, who actually made these cartridges/jokes/fantasies?


I am impressed that the maker of them at least did a decent job in milling down whatever the original headstamp was and stamped a feasible looking headstamp in its place. Of course, etching “novelty” or “prop” into the case would also be the proper thing to do with these sorts of items to avoid confusion.

DK, You are right, they do appear nicely made. Probably worth the 33-34 Euros they sold for! At least they were to someone.