35mm AHEAD and KETF

i just would share a picture of 35mm AHEAD and KETF found on the net

i think these rounds had similar fonction with little differences on design ?

difficult to find real pictures of special rounds on medium calibers

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Indeed a nice image!
And these rounds are impossible to find in inert condition. (never saw one)

Actually both are the same, just different naming.

KETF = Kinetic Energy Time Fuze
Defined as a variant of ABM (Air Burst Munition).

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thank for your precisions


If possible can you supply the webpage link for the photo you posted?



strange ,i cannot find the link even in my google history
i just find the picture with the search “35mm ahead”

It looks like it was posted on Twitter (not sure if this is the original source or if they reposted it from somewhere else):

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i remember the name “twitter”

Why does one have a groove just below the shoulder, while the other does not?
I presume this groove serves the same function as on the M242 Bushmaster 25x137 round.
To locate the round on the links.

Dean, correct, and the main system using these loads is the Oerlikon/Rheinmetall “MANTIS” system which is clip fed. So no need for the locating groove anymore.

I thought that the AHEAD system was also used with the more traditional 35mm belt-fed AA guns, suitably adapted with the muzzle fuze setter etc.?

Tony, both! It just seems that ammo made for the MANTIS system simply is not getting the groove anymore.
Liek Germany who has only MANTIS systems today (4 EA if nothing has changed) and no belt fed systems left - which up to ten years back was the Gepard AA system.