35MM Experimental PATEC APDS - ( SECTIONED )

Not the greatest sectioning, but here are a few pictures of an experimental 35MM APDS round made by a company called PATEC. I do not have much information or history on this round other then it is completely inert from top to bottom.

I decided to remove one of the very dense composite sabot petals to show the inner AP penetrator. Not sure if it is tungsten carbide or depleted uranium as it is very very heavy for its size. I would guess tungsten? The projectile disassembles into 3 pieces, the sabot, the sub-projectile and a semi-translucent lucite type base with aluminum threads embedded in it used to connect the sabot and sub-projectile.


Complete Round

Non-Sectioned Side Of Sabot

Projectile Components

I tried to show the semi-translucent lucite type base by sitting it on a low power flashlight in the dark. Hope it is good enough to capture the visual effect of this material that my eyes are seeing, hard to explain :-)


Thanks Rick!


Jason, that is no DU,

Thank you! Very nice to know as I was really not sure either way. I figured tungsten thinking DU probably would not be used on a experimental round? Anyhow, it sure is heavy for its size.

On a separate note, I would like to mention that only the plastic nylon sabot petal was sectioned. The core and lucite base were in the other room far away :-)