35mm round for Type 87 Launcher

Hi everyone! Below a photo a shell I know nothing about apart from being told that it can presumably be fired from Chinses type 87 grenade launchers. Does anyone know what I am looking at (type, model, origin)?
Many thanks!

Welcome here Sanders!
Great cartridge and hardly ever seen in the west I think. These are the first proper images I recall seeing. Thank you very much! It should be the 35mm.

Thank you for the welcome! I have been browsing the iaa forum for a while by now and am in awe of your collective knowledge!

That may change once you find out about all the things I do not know!

Here some little info on the subject:

dtic.mil/ndia/2010armament/W … anYang.pdf

chinesemilitaryreview.blogspot.d … -35mm.html