35x228 clips


i just would know if the clips for 35x228 rounds are rare ?

a friend of me search these clips but he cannot find one of these

in the us can we find even one clip ? i search just one

thank in advance for your response


You may specifiy which ones you are looking for (which gun).
There are South African ones (plastic):

  • 55 K-63
    And 2 types (steel) Oerlikon/Rheinmetall ones:
  • FlabKan 63 & 63-75
  • Manthis system


i ask my friend because i don’t know that exist three models

he had nothing of three



Just to make it clear as to what your friend is looking for, clips or belt links? See example photo below:



nice picture
i ask about clips for seven rounds
but i just had response from my friend
my friend search one or two clips (even the more classic) and fews belt clips if they are not much expensive


I have been keeping an eye out for 35x228mm loading clips for awhile now and havent seen any. Not to say they are not out there but seen multiple threads on various websites of people looking for them and they seem to be a hard one to track down. Cant say I have seen any in collections either.


Have 2 different ones + different links… so they must be around somewhere. I guess it is merely about who you know.


For sure, I think they also will be easier to find in Europe. Other than the typical green Oerlikon casings not much 35mm ammunition to be found.


Oerlikon/Rheinmetall sure is better to be looked for in Europe.
The South African ones are a different issue then.