36 Geraghty


Would anyone have any information on this cartridge or know the patent number?



Hi Ian,

This cartridge was believed to have been made for a Geraghty patent revolver, but it was in fact made for a Howe Patent revolver, also from 1863. It was also made in .31 and .44 caliber, but only the latter cartridge is known to exist in collections.

39642 - Geraghty.pdf (191.2 KB)
37693 - Howe.pdf (396.1 KB)




Thank Fede. At first I thought it resembled W.W. Marston’s cartridge patent No. 40,490. It does somewhat appear to be that patent, but we all know patent drawings can be a little off. Then I saw the reference to the Geraghty but I didn’t see how that cartridge would fit that revolver. Thanks for the clarification. The only ones I have seen are the .36 rounds.