360 Cane gun (.410) ball load

On an old cane gun load with the lead ball shown below, I am wondering if it was typical for it to have one lead ball, or two? This one is described online as a “.360 cane gun” cartridge, but I suppose it is like a 2.00" .410 shell?

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It’s a .360 ga. or Caliber round ball load, for a smooth bore shot gun as you surmised & somewhat uncommon. Some are headstamped, mostly by Eley, but Remington also headstamped a green paper .360 shell (REM-UMC .360"

It should have just the one round ball.

I’m not aware, not that I know everything, of a .360 Cane or Canne gun loading,

Also as JP states it needs measured to know if it is a .360 or a .410

.410 and .360 are two different gauges

On the .410 vs 360 terminology - it’s due to .410 being bore and not gauge, and that .360 is the equivalent. Fiocchi .410 cases comes headstamped with “.36” on them for instance. I just didn’t know anything about cane gun cartridges, and if “.360 Cane gun” was anything in particular other than a sort of .410 load. I originally saw the item in the Anderson auction listing here - https://linkousauctiongroup.proxibid.com/Firearms-Military-Artifacts/Firearms/360-Cane-Gun-Round-Ball/lotInformation/43889150#topoflot I was only interested if it was a multiball loading, which it is apparently not.

Fiocchi headstamp is 36!!
NOT .36!

Only a dot but big difference.

We went all through this a few months back regarding the difference of bore sizes.
See link

Here is a view of the heads of a couple of .360’s and a .410 for comparison.

I trimmed the picture to the .410 head diameter so that the smaller .360 head stamps show a bit easier.

The .360 was quite popular for a few years then I would think it gave way to the 9mm rim fire “Garden gun”. When I was a young un I had a lovely double barreled .360 hammer gun but I sold it as cartridges were hard to find, even then 60 odd years ago, really regret that move wish I still had it now.

This is not it but very similar to it.

As Pete said, they are a single ball when ball loaded, I have seen quite a few boxes but never seen one that states a ball load only ever shot loads! which begs the question, Was that an original loading? Also it is not listed as a ball load in any of the catalogues I have (from memory but I may be wrong on that score). It is a very simple act to push an LG shot into a .360 case and bingo you have a .360 ball load. Also .360 are 1.750" long not 2" and I may be proved wrong but have no knowledge of them being made in any other case length but they are easily cut down and loaded to look like a revolver cartridge. Yes I know .360 was made as a rook rifle cartridge, nitro express, etc. but these were all brass cases, with the .360 Rook rifle having its own shot cartridge.

They are a very nice cartridge to collect as there are some very nice cases, certainly the large print Eley’s are sweet little things.

Also pinfire cases