360 D Express?

To me the attached image seems to be a 9.3x36Rmm D Express, but I was under the impression that such rounds were FLAT based, not A-based.
Can anyone confirm, contradict, correct…?
Thanks: Donald


This is a 9x36R RP Tesching which has similar base dimensions to the 9.3x36R D Express except that it has the much thicker raised base and has a case which is more necked than tapered. Known in two “H.UTENDOERFFER .:. NUERNBERG .:.” hs variations.

[Edited once for clarity]

Thanks WBD - I’ve now re-catalogued my specimen as a 9x36Rmm RP Tesching. This has been nagging at me for many years!

These old eyes had originally failed to believe its very slight bottlenecking, plus I hadn’t realized the 9x36Rmm RP’s bottlenecking is apparently so much slighter than what I believe the other Teschings to be.

Now if I could only stumble across a real 9.3x36R D Express (and the other Teschings) for my poor excuse of a collection.

Thanks again - Donald