.366 TKM Loaded With A Flechette Or?

Posted on Max Popenker’s web page (LiveJournal) is the picture of a .366 TKM cartridge case on display loaded with a flechette (?), link to the webpage: https://mpopenker.livejournal.com/2353664.html

The photo posted on Max’s webpage:

The cartridge is attributed to BSTU “Voenmeh” which according to Wikipedia is Baltic State Technical University “Voenmeh”, Saint Petersburg, Russia and previously known as Military Mechanical Institute.

Can anyone provide a translation of the display information card, discussion on Max’s web page?
Perhaps Alex (EOD:-)

An article, also written by Max, on the Russian .366 TKM hunting ammunition.


Brian, it says little actually:
.366 TKM effector (there basically saying “combat element”) for civilian gun for water medium
So not really saying “under water” and leaving room for interpretation.

I wonder much then wat the true purpose will be, shooting fish?

The bullet seems to be gagged in the case neck with pieces of cardboard.
The bullet shape appears a bit unsuitable for under water use when we look at all the known military types existing.
I wonder how serious this development is - if it is one at all.


Thanks for the translation and feedback. I also am not sure what to think about this cartridge.
Maybe Max or AZOV2014 will see this and pass along anything they may know.


unfortunately, guys at the stand where I took this photo had ZERO idea about this thing
I assume it is just another student project for department that specializes in ammunition, as in my opinion it makes no practical sense at all

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A friend came up with a possible explanation for that projectile:
It could be the diploma work of some young engineer!
That would explain a lot!

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yes, that’s the most probable version.

Looks like a whale-tagging device, but if it were, I suppose they would have made that more obvious and labelled it as such?