37/38mm Tear Gas Manufacturer ID please


Got these 37mm rounds but cannot see any manufacturer’s ID on the cases. They look to be machined. They came packed in waterproof plastic containers as shown. They are primed with .38 blanks.

Any ideas?


Neat item! Is there a headstamp?


Incitatus, Interesting that the marking on the case wall says “38MM,” not 37mm. Not sure, but the word “EXPIRY” seems British to me. I think U.S. mfgr would say “expires” or “expiration.” I agree with RimPin; it’s a neat item and I also wonder about a headstamp.


Hope my phone uploads photos. The 37/38. (& 40) aren’t too uncommon as you seen with Combined Tactical Sustems (CTS) and DefTech (Defense Technologies/Federal) (a few name variations) and another little known “NonLethal Technologies”

I’ve never seen that abbreviation for “Expiration” nor a waterproof container

Doubt a US production.


Pepper, tha lst one you are showing is a bi-caliber 37/38mm and 40x46SR. Nice to see. These are not so common.


I, too, thought that “Expiry” signalled a brit manufacturer. But could be any ex-colony. No headstamp. the stamp on the primer/blank is 311/05.

The 37/38 interchangeability is fairly common. Remember that there is not standard for these critters so chambers tend to be … fluid.

Never saw a casing like this one. I think that it really is machined.


Agreed. Even a couple “old” 37 mm guns I have tried have the 40 mm chamber to accept these rounds and presumably they would chamber in a 40 mm gun because of their dual diameter case “base width”.


It’s fun to jar the memory and dig thru a few drawers. Thanks for the stimulus 👊


Oh well. Buried in a differing thread. Since in my drawers This has always been a favorite (and ominous looking) as reloadable folding fin practice rounds would offen fall to the ground and break the mechanical fins. They added the dart point so they might stick to a wood target board or window/door frame and not fall and be damaged. To the uninformed eye it sure looks nasty if assumed to be fired at a “bad guy”


Pepper, firing it at a bad guy AND reusing it sounds like a double benefit to me!
The secret in the bi-caliber use is the shape of the rim.
Thanks for the additional images!

I can not say anythig on the 1st round put up for ID but to me the oval frame always has something American to me.


Got some paperwork on these rounds. They came from an outfit called manufacturing research of rockledge fla. They make blanks evidentially.

I dropped them a note to see if they can recall where these rounds came from.


I “need” one :)

More so for the oddity of the water proof container; which would seem more appropriate for a “flare” (as opposed to tear gas)…as I think water proof…I think “boats”…and tear gas on boats ?

Maybe for interdiction…that would make sense


Is it the taper of the rim you refer to ? (I was never told that)


Don’t understand.


EOD mentioned the shape of the rim…sorry to be confusing


It looks like a Chinese made cartridge to me. Please, can you post a picture of the headstamp?


Pepper, yes! The tapered forward angle will always lock and center the round in the 2 slightly different chambers.
Respectively you have the other version with the “stepped” double rim. Basically causing the same effect.

For the practical part it would be interesting to know how much it will influence the Vo as the propellant gases will pass the projectile (in German “Gasschlupf” but can not find the English term anywhere) in a 40mm barrel.


Fede, you have a manufacturer in mind maybe? If so which one?


There is no headstamp. No markings except for the primer and the writing on the side.


Can you post a picture of the primer?