37 mm Gun & Ammunition -- A GUN FOR ALL NATIONS Vol II

I just got my copy of the subject book by Robert Mellichamp, covering 1914 through 1926. I’ve only just “flipped through” it, but it looks even better than Vol I, and I want to be among the first–of undoubtedly many–who thank Robert for his thorough research and the resulting very comprehensive book. I’m particularly interested in the WWI time, so this volume may become my favorite of the set.




Is it available to the general collector body as yet?

Where can we get a copy please?

Regards Ozzi.

If your an IAA member Bob’s e-mail is in the directory, otherwise write him at:

Robert Mellichamp
907 Shirkmere Rd
Houston, TX 77008

Tell him where you live for a postal rate quote.