37 x 300R Schneider

I’ve been hunting for info about this round for years, so I’m trying here in the hope that someone might have some details about it.

In the late 1930s the French Army ordered a substantial quantity of 37 mm Schneider M1930 automatic AA guns as an interim measure pending the arrival of the 40mm Bofors. By the beginning of WW2 only about 20 were in service, which were apparently allocated to the defence of Paris. The ammo fired a 750 g shell at 800 m/s, and the gun used an 8-round strip feed and fired at 175 rpm.

I believe that the ammo used a 37 x 300R case, but I have no other dimensional details. Charley777 on the BOCN forum posted a couple of photos showing this case (shown below) and also a projectile drawing. Does anyone have detailed dimensional data, and/or a side-on photo of the complete round?

Updated - the pics are visible now.