370 sako vs 9,3 x 66 sako

Are these two names for the same cartridge?I have no evidence of this,but the 9,3 x 66 Sako and the 370 Sako magnum should be the same cartridge.

.370 Sako Magnum Federal Cape-Shok Rifle Cartridge, 286-Grain Nosler Partition Bullet, 2550 fps,

9.3x66 Sako

Head stamp photos - www.municion.org

9.3X66 SAKO;
L1 = 55.80 mm (to shoulder)
L2 = 58.20 mm (to en of the shoulder-neck)
L3 = 66 mm (total lenght)
R1 = 11.95 mm (Rim (head dia))
P1 = 12.13 mm (Base dia)
P2 = 11.43 mm (shoulder dia)
H1-H2 = 9.92 mm (neck dia)
MAP = 4150 bar (60 175 PSI)
Capacity = 5.11 cu.cm (79 grains H2O) estimated

I am still looking but it seems that this is a case of two names for different markets much like .280 Remington and 7mm Express .

This taken from the Outdoor Life web site re the 2008 Shot Show.

Teaming up with Sako, Federal introduces the Cape-Shok .370 Sako Magnum. A .30/06 case necked up to take .366-diameter bullets, it offers similar performance to the European 9.3x66mm Sako Magnum while employ-ing a standard-length action that allows more rounds to fit in the magazine. Well-suited to hunting large animals at modest ranges, it will be offered this year with a 286-grain Nosler Partition or a 286-grain Barnes TSX.


Hi Glenn,
I have a sample of the 370 loaded with the nosler partition bullet.
I have already taken a look to the munition.org website:all dimensional data are identical or within factory tolerances (0,05 - 0,10 mm )

According to me the 9,3 x 66 and the 370 sako are the same cartridge.
Maybe an “imperial name” ( 370 instead of 9,3 mm) make it easier to sell in the USA.As far as I know there’s no european-made case with the .370 hds and no american -made case with the 9,3 mm hds


According to Sako: both are the same cartridges: one for the european market and one for the US. The only difference is the headstamp.