.375 Flanged (sectioned)

.375 Flanged with (I believe) Hollands patented pegged bullet.


Great job! Can you explain the workings of that bullet? It looks like it may be one of those that is not recognizable from the outside. Now I’ll have to check all of mine.


Top view

The steel peg is driven down into the lead hollow point thus expanding the bullet. At least thats the theory.

Ahhh, now I see. In the first photo I thought I was looking at two pieces. A “piston” and a small steel peg beneath it. What I thought was a “peg” is only a hollow cavity.

Either way, I’ll have to look at my cartridges to see if I have one.

It’s amazing how many of these patented bullets are out there. And sad that so many of them are probably unrecognized and overlooked, even by us collectors.


is that the 375 Flanged NE 2 1/4"?


is that the 375 Flanged NE 2 1/4"?



It’s the 2 1/2"