.375 Underwater Cartridge

Does anyone have pictures of the Stevens’ .375 underwater cartridge? I have seen b/w pictures in some auctions sales and magazines, but nothing else.

Does it have a “G.F.L. 380 SP” headstamp? Looks like a .38 SPL? Or is in a shell in the mouth of another shell?

Tell me more about it as a have a couple different underwater cartridges

Pete, this is not a propelling cartridge like the ones you are describing (i.e., Mordem and Aqua-Craft), and by the way, it is not any of the AAI experimentals either. This .375 cartridge uses a shortened and modified .30-30 case that is loaded with a very long steel lance joined to a Micarta shaft. Its designer was also involved in the design of the COP and Bellmore-Johnson derringers.

You may remember that Jim Tillinghast had one of this in his collection, but I don’t know its current whereabouts. Check auction no. 4, lot no. 521.

Thanks for any help you can provide.



Hi Fede

I’ve not seen anything like that here, or since I was involved with the collection.

If the one in that sale was his, it’s gone to a new home.

Sorry, wish I could help.

Pete, thanks for trying to help anyway.

American Handgunner had an article on Fred Stevens’ designs back in their Nov/Dec 1983 issue. The issue can be downloaded for free at their website.


Daniel, thanks, this was one of the articles that motivated my curiosity. The author describes this underwater gun as one of Stevens’ “latest creations”, but he designed this in 1965…

This article was one of several that were derived from Charles Petty’s interviews with current and former High Standard employees for his book on the company and its pistols. There might have been a significant gap between the interview and publication.