37mm cartridge identification

Hi, I obtained a cartridge from a passed far relative, it’s a 37x57mm for grabenkanone M15 but I never saw a similar bullet for this cartridge.

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Your photo will not open so try this-

Click on the pencil icon below you post and open your dialog box.

If the picture is stored on your computer, go to your photo and click on it and keep the mouse key pushed down so the photo is surrounded by a light blue box. Drag the photo to your open dialog box, position it where you want it and release the mouse key. The photo will then load to your dialog box and we can see it.


I’m using the phone

thank you,these are the other photos

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The projectile does not belong to this case and should be an early 37x94R Hotchkiss with missing driving band.

Does “grabenkanone” mean “trench gun”?

Vlad, yes!

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The case looks very short ? Is it correct ? I have no idea, some day I will have to learn more on 37mm, I have a lot of them.
Correct thanks for the link SKSVLAD, I missed it

AmmoOne, the case here is correct for the Austrian 37mm M15 (57mm long) as it has nothing to do with the 37mm Hotchkiss which is 94mm long.


Got it, Thank you for the info!

Thank you all for your help