37mm Hotchkiss?

Fuze: Brass
B.P.F. - MIN
CAL - M1
LOT 075-62

Base: (partial reading)

Rotating Bands: 2 very wide bands with differing copper alloys
"Flaming bomb symbol"
LOT 1075-73

The notch in the fuze is lined up with the dot in shell base.

Weight: 1.104 pds
Recently 9 shells (projectiles only)bearing these marks were found in a river by an acquaintance. he is a CW relic collector. These were totally unexpected in this river. They are all base fused, unfired. Look like 37mm that I have seen before. I am going on the assumption they may be live. They are currently back on the bottom of the river until more info can be learned. Other steel/iron objects found in this river are usually well encrusted with mineral concretions these are quite clean. I don’t believe they have been in the river all that long. Base fuses are 2 hole brass. Sorry no pics. But I figure someone from this learned crew could give some educated guess as to the dating and anything else.
Were these filled with a BP bursting charge or some later HE charge?

With the fuze having 2 spanner holes in it and the flaming bomb stamp it is probably U.S., but having 2 driving bands is more in line with being French.
At work so not much help.


the rotating bands are not separate like I have seen on French shells. It is more of a single wide band made of 2 different metals . brass towards the base and copper on the leading band .basically forming one wide band. I am going to see if he has a good picture. I am fairly certain they are US.

Has anyone got an idea on the date of these?