37mm Maxim MG belt


Here is a 20-round belt which might accomodate 37mm rounds.
The key question is to know whether this is a machine gun gun belt or some kind of bandoleer for the transport of the rounds for example with a quick firing gun.
For the picture only, I have inserted a French 37mm round which fits properly.

Thank you for any idea,



I think it is belt for Maxim-Vickers 37-mm or 40-mm machine gun.
It’s very interesting!


Look at:


They used for 37 mm Maxim in Russia during WWI belts with 50 rounds at first and then with 25 ones.


Here I am training a 37mm US Navy Maxim machinegun on incoming tourists. Note the large wheel on the far side of the gun. That is where your belt went. The carring belts for 37mms were not made with metal grommets but were sewn. This is not to say that these belts made to fit the gun were never used to carry ammo as they were. They were not purpose made for that. The metal tab was designed to be caught by a pawl in the feed slot.


This is a typical US 37mm box and belt carrier.