37mm Model 1885

Quite some time ago I was given a WWI artillery round. It was special, as it had been etched on the casing. A piece of history. Until now I just didn

Very nice presentation, and cool engraving too, thanks. I have one of these too, not as fancy, I was told “PD.Ps” was “Parc d’Artillerie de Paris”. I guess I’ve got wrong info.
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HEY! I got one, too! Never paid too much attention to it until just now. Tried to get a copy of the fuze as well, but it just didn’t come out. It’s numbered as follows: L345 16
Love that gun.

Mine has no fuse. What are those numbers printed around the headstamp?

Mine’s illegible. Except for the 5.

Just found an unfired projectile. Fuze stamped:L602 16

The “bandolier” of ammo in the first photograph is interesting, it looks like a machine gun belt.


This page has quite a few pictures of the gun and crews and mentions the AP projectile on Vlad’s round. The belting of the ammo appears to be for ease of handling, at least for this gun.

A while back I started a thread on the 37-85 cartridge. Before it was over I learned more than I ever wanted to know but if you’re interested you might look it up. It included a bunch of drawings and links to other sites.

histavia21.net/Old-Munavia-2 … s-sfm_.htm


That is fantastic. I love to learn about the history of these shells
as much as i do the shell itself. I had no idea so many would have
the same shell. LoL maybe we should have a 37-85 forum. Seriously. any and all more information about this shell and the battle woudl be greatly appreciated.

So much to learn, so little time


Here is a picture of my 37mm collection.

I do had a question though? HA you knew there was a catch! The round on the left has nose fuse threads [which I dont have the fuse] and also a base threaded area for a fuse or tracer element. On the large copper rotating band is stamped…
LOT 12536-36
Ordnance symbol P.E. & MC. CC. Is this an APT? APT-HE? Or what?

Bottom of projectile




I also have one of these! Took me a long time to pinpoint its time period since it doesn’t look exactly like the ones that are shown here… but here it is:

i’m still trying to find out the country of origin however. i only have the projectile, and there is nothing written on it besides a red “56” on the bottom.

Im sorry that last picture in line was supposed to be the same projectile as in the 1st two pictures. The 3rd picture as it turns out is of the round 2nd of left in the 1st photo.


Is that a boat tail configuration in the last pic or is it the camera playing tricks? And nice SS Chevelle, by the way. The collection of .50+ cal. could use some close ups.