37mm projectile ID


Does anyone know what this 37mm is? The person who took the photo has it ID’s only as a “10x37” and you can see from the keyboard that the whole thing is about 7 or 8 inches long. He thought it might be experimental? The fins are folding and they wrap around the tail:


I received a message with a link to its ID - Thanks. It is a Tru-Flight Barricade projectile, 1960s and later, made by Lake Erie Chemical Corp. It’s a practice version, whereas the spike is meant to stick into a target and then be pulled out for reuse.


I have a tear gas version marked on the projectile “No 509 Federal Arrow Flight Impact Projectile, Irritating agent (CS), For Driving out Barricaded Persons, Not to be used against crowds, Federal Laboratories, Inc, Saltsburg, Penna, U.S.A., Made in U.S.A. , Replace Before Jun 1976”. Bill