37mm projectile question

Hello all,

I have what I have been told is an Unfinished USN 37mm one pounder Heavy projectile. Any Thoughts?

Nice! Are you sure it is unfinished and not a fired projectile that lost its driving band? Just a guess :-)


Got a similar 37MM projectile. Always wondered where the driving band went. Or if there was ever one installed. Internal threads in the base. Not sure what might have been in there. Tracer or some sort of explosive element? The knurling in the band area seemed a bit much.

Although pretty cruddy, it does not appear to have been fired, or at least hit anything of consequence downrange. Maybe they were carried out of the manufacturing facility, in a lunch box, for collecting purposes.

In the UK you often see fired projectiles with the bands cut off. They are often removed for their value as scrap metal after range clearances.

Your projectile does look more like its band was never fitted though. It could also possibly be a quality control reject.

The copper rotating band is swadged to the projectile body. The knurling keeps it in place. Similar knurling is found on most projectiles up to the largest, the 16".

The threaded base hole is for a plug or base fuze. The cavity was filled with an explosive. The thread is usually left-handed to keep the plug or fuze from unscrewing as the projectile rotates.


Don’t forget: missing driving bands on “mint” shells are often the result of a demilling process.

Thank makes a lot of sense EOD! Especially since it is in apparent non-fired condition. Same with Ricks



Do you think the 1 pounder Heavy is the correct name for this projectile? I got it some years ago along with some 37x92 rounds.


Steve, it might very well be. So far I see nothing that would speak against it. Someone being more into it my shed some light on it.