37mm Soviet Ejection seat cartridges

Which Soviet aircraft used the 37mm Seat ejection cartridges? I have one Soviet one headstamped “184 0 9-61” with a 140mm Case length, and new, never loaded Czech made one headstamped “dtp” with a 164mm case length. Both of these cases are brass and have the holes for the two electric primer contacts plus two alignment holes.

Falcon, could you post a picture of the Czech 37mm ejection seat cartridge (including the headstamp) please?

I have never seen any of these other than made by the Soviet plant No. 184 (which is Pozis in Zelenodolsk).


No problem, I will get you a photo ASAP.

Here are some photos of the seat ejection cartridges. There is also an unmarked one which I believe is Czech also as the brass is identical in colour and the machining marks on the head are identical.

The Soviet one looks to be from a loaded round that was broken down, as it has the primer annulus but no primers and is slightly corroded.

Were the primers percussion or electric? Were there two primers in case one failed?

The Soviet one is shorter, I have seen some live ones of these before, and I seem to remember there being two lengths. Are the different lengths for different types of ejection seat?

The Soviet one on the left, Czech ones right and centre.

Soviet headstamp:

Czech dtp headstamp:

Unmarked round headstamp: