37mm sweden projectile

anyone have a good drawing of what the copper driving band is for the 37mm projectile i have, i was told it is WW11 Finland 37mm X 258 mm for the PST/K36 joe gatz

Finland manufactured their own projectiles for the 37 mm Bofors. This projectile is not equivelant to anything Swedish i know of. It seems to be a high explosive tracer shell. “haa” is the abbreviation for the shell type while vj4 indicates a 4 second tracer.

Ok so haa is the abbreviation for harjoitusammus, which translates too practise shell. So what you have is a finnish practise tracer shell. The shape is reminiscent of the standard high explosive shells so it is most likely a practise version of a standard high explosive tracer shell such as the 37 mm trotyylikranaatti-valojuovalla 6 sek-27/30 K/36 pr (abbr: 37 tkrv-Vj6-27/30 K/36 pr).

As for a drawing i think this is the Swedish equivelent? Although this is a navy shell.

As you say the Finns has plenty of own designs. The projectile here is unlikely to be an inert HE as it appears to have a solid front section and is drilled from the back.

Well my point is that is does not seem to simulate an armor piercing shell, thus i assume that it is a practise HE shell.

Likely it is not simulating any variant but is just a TP.

I think I may have a couple of these, but only have a shelf shot here at work. I may be able to do better later. Right side of the photo.

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Were these rebanded for firing in the US ???

Probably, advertisements from the 1960s list the guns for $350, the ammunition (AP, HE or APHE) for $3.50 per round, $3.00 if you buy in bulk.

The good old times!

And I think these original Swedish stocks have depleted and somebody brought in the demilled projectiles from Finland, rebanded them and here we see them now.

Not sure how depleted they are, I still find them on a fairly consistent basis. A couple of years ago I bought one of the APHE that I suspected of being live from a surplus store. I already had one I’d been given by a collector, so I asked the bomb squad to hit one with a peforator, to confirm if it was live or not - once it detonated I gave them the location to pick up the other 4 on the shelf still for sale. The owner told them he was unaware that the items were live and was happy to give them up, but asked the bomb squad to “wait a minute”, while he got the rest of the case from the basement.

For those not familiar, a perforator is a small commercial shaped charge that contains a tiny amount of explosives (typically 5-20 grams) and has the capability of punching a hole through 1-3 inches of steel. If you hit an explosive fill, it will detonate. If not, it leaves a small, pencil-sized hole. One large advantage is that you are not significantly contributing to the amount of explosive present, keeping any detonation to a minimum. Plus, you have the opportunity to learn something about the item you are disposing of, such as was it really explosive filled.

37 1 Picture3 Picture4

Swedish stocks were sold off in the 1990’s iirc.

The date in the newspaper/journal advertisements says 1961…

As for markings.
JVA = jalkaväen ampumatarvike = infantry ammunition
haa = harjoitusammus = practice ammunition
vj = valojuovalla = tracer
smk = sirpalemallinenkranaatti = shrapnel-model grenade
AseV = AseVarikko = arsenal

Meaning i was right that it was a practise HE-shell :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sorry i missed ur point. However a note of interest, the 37 mm Bofors went out of Swedish service in the year 1997. It can still be found in 1995 ammunition manuals.

By then it was used in subcaliber barrels right?


As bunker turrets.


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