37mm what? ID needed

I picked this round up at a flea market a couple years ago ($15) but I don’t know anything about it. It has a coiled brass case with iron washer rim held on with three rivets, copper battery cup primer. HOTCHKISS PATENT PARIS is stamped along the edge of the foil at the seam.
Case length: 4.736"
Rim dia: 1.873"
Base dia: 1.647"
Neck dia: 1.477"

The projectile appears to be iron with a forward driving band, or possibly a bore rider (it is 1.454"), and a rear driving band (1.503"). I had to clean a bunch of rust off. I did not see any markings amongst the pitting.

OAL of the round is 7" minus the fuze.
The fuze is not original; I made and installed it because I thought it would look better with a fuze in the nose.

Any information appreciated.

Nice early Hotchkiss patent coiled case. The projectile is much later. The proj. looks more like a Maxim 37mm. The slug for this would have a single wide driving band.

I had thought the projectile might not be original to the case. The crimping groove did not quite match up with the crimps on the case. Nice to have it confirmed. Maxim huh? Would this have been the type of projectile used by the Boer in their “Pom Pom” guns?

Is there anyway to determine if the case was actually made by Hotchkiss, or someone else?

Any chance of being able to date (ballpark) the case or projectile?

Sorry for all the questions, about the only thing I know about it is it makes a really neat paper weight.