37x178mm Anti Tank round by American Armament Corp. N.Y

What is it? What’s the name? It is about 176mm long.

Ummmm - 37x178mm Anti Tank. ca. WW II. Not sure what someone did to the primer. Should look like this:


Hi Vlad,
Mine says SA GUN, (instead of AT GUN). There is a 5 before AMERICAN, and the primer is like Ray’s, only 41. What does the SA stand for?
Small Arms??


SA means Semi-Automatic but I’m not sure exactly what gun that is. A little Googling would probably turn up the answer, or Tony W should know.

I believe there is also an AA, for Anti-Aircraft.

There are slightly different case lengths also, so it’s not as easy as it first seems.


Ray you are right there is a AA Gun also.
The AT and the AA have the same case measurments.
The SA Gun has a longer case (202mm)

Somebody is (or was) preparing a history of AAC and their products, but I can’t recall who.

They were a strange organisation which produced lots of proposals for a wide range of different guns and ammo in 37mm calibre. They made some prototypes but sold very little. They seemed to have been adept at marketing but their business methods were questionable (I think that there was an official US enquiry into their activities). I have a copy of US book on aircraft armament dating from around WW2 which describes their products in great detail and implies that they were actually in US service - evidently the author was taken in by their propaganda!

Tony, here is the link to the guy you mentioned… Bob ?