37x249R projectile question

We recentely found this 37 x 249 R round, we would like to know if the projectile corresponds to the case, or maybe somebody put a 37 caliber projectile as a replacement. Thanks in advance.

I am not sure about the details of the projectile, but the driving band appears to be a poorly made imitation.

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maybe the projectile had a reproduction driving band but it related to the 37x94R round ,never the 37x249R

The case is a German 37x250R and used other projectiles.

The projectile here also may have an unfinished projectile. It might be that the driving band was just swaged on and was awaiting final turning on a lathe.
Hard to tell now.

But both items definately do not go together!

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Some examples of 37x250mm German projectiles:


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It appears that there may be a seam in the driving band on the right in the close up photo.



Is the blue arrow pointing to the seam?


Shame the case has been damaged as it is a 6331/67 two part composite case. The head is steel and screws onto the brass chamber part of the cartridge. In the photo, you can see where the two join. The four holes on the periphery of the head are tool holes used in assembly.

That’s what I could see.

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The seam is not unusual for pre 1918 projectiles as back then driving bands were also attached as a strip, not a ring.

Thank you guys !!!, my humble impression is that the overall lenght of the projectile is short even for an AP only, also that maybe somebody put an 37 mm Hotchkiss instead of the correct one. With your information I will check if the original is not around, if not the case is very interesting itself.
Thank you again !!!