37x95R Hotchkiss Russian 1899 Naval case

I feel privileged to get this 1899 Russian Naval round, this is the oldest Russian ammo I’ve ever had. But I need your help in figuring out the headstamp. I believe that “A.И.З.” stands for “Адмиралтeйский Императорский Завод” (Admiralty Imperial Factory). The rest I can read but don’t know what is means. The projectile, I think, has nothing to do with the cartridge. Nearby dealers have told me that the guy who sold me the whole thing is known to stuff any projectile as long as it fits. But I include the pictures of the whole thing as I got it, the last scan is the projectile’s base. Any thoughts, in English or Russian?


You need to go to the BOCN forum. Show the photos. Ask the questions. There are some real 37mm experts over there. You may even be able to pick up an original projectile. Maybe a swap for yours?

Good Luck


Vlad, your projectile is a US navy 1pdr.

Following Russian researchers the manufacturer is “Адмиралтейские Ижорские заводы” = Admiralty Izhorsk Factories".

The projectile was manufactured by Poole Engineering and Machine Company of Baltimore, MD.


I forgot to mention - your projectile appears to be tinned or plated. I have no idea why.


In a few small scuff marks just above the case mouth you can see the copper of the driving band peeping through.


Here are the main points about Ishorsk Factories (translated by me from this Russian website omz.ru/rus/overview/history/izhora/)

  1. Established by Peter the Great in 1722 to provide Russian Navy with brass anchors and sheets to protect ships.
  2. 1895 - the factory started cartridge production.
  3. 1919 - first Russian heavy tank.
  4. WWII time - production of famous Katusha rockets.
  5. 1958 - nuclear plant parts production.
  6. 1992 - the whole factory was auctioned.
  7. 1998 - incorporated into UralMash-Ishora Industrial Conglomerate.

The factory was in St Petersburg, and the “Izhorsk” part of the name is a reflection of the Izhora River, a tributary of the Neva, the river that enters the Baltic at St Petersburg. Jack