38-40 r.h.a.co

I have a 38-40 with the following h/s R.H.A.CO. 38 WCF, the bullet is a FNLD and has a knurled case cannelure, the primer is copper with a W on it. My question is did Robin Hood by this primer from Winchester or is this a old reload.
Thank You Carolyn

Hi Carolyn
I have two .38 WCF’s, one with an impressed “U” & the other plain. If the lead has cast marks then for sure a reload. Also look with a glass for reloading marks on the case & for slight swelling near the head.

The only R.H. with a W I have is a .32 AUTO, and the only other one of those I’ve seen also had a W. (my sale 4 lot 639, & it sold for $360.00) So yours could be correct.

Robin Hood was sold to Rem-UMC in 1915