38-40 Remington-Hepburn ID?


Here is another cartridge I am having trouble to ID.

The measurements in inches are:

Bullet Diameter: 0.376 (with paper patch)
Neck Diameter: 0.401
Base Diameter: 0.454
Rim Diameter: 0.535
Case Length: 1.77
OAL: 2.44 (I think this is a reload, so this may not be a good indicator)

There are several cartridges with similar dimensions like the 38-45 Stevens and 38-45 Bullard and something I may not know about. My best guess is the 38-40 RH.

Is there anyway to tell for certain which one it may be?

Thanks for your assistance.


Iron: I believe your ID as the Hepburn cartridge is correct. It and the Bullard have very similar dimensions, but the Hepburn was produced by UMC in the period in which a number of the UMC rifle loadings resembled this one: flat head with sharp bevel, primer pocket with very little chamfer, and no headstamp. This likely dates from c. 1883-85. JG

I agree with JG that it appears to be an RH.

But, I also believe that it is some sort of reload. The bullet doesn’t look kosher to me. Too many dings and scratches on the lead and none on the patch and the patch itself looks too thick. Primer doesn’t look factory either. Take a good close look at the bullet and primer.


Thank you Ray and J! I appreciate your time to help me.