.38-40 Winchester; Can it be saved?

I picked up this .38-40 cartridge from a local shop. It was actually thrown in with a box of ammo I was already planning on buying.

It looks like the bullet has been smashed in to the case. For what reason idk.

Questions: Can it be fixed? Is it worth fixing? Is it a reload? (primer makes me think so)

A kinetic puller would get the bullet back out of the case.

Would doing this be detrimental to the value of the cartridge at all? Not sure it has much anyway, but just want to make sure before I knock it.

In new condition it’s worth .50¢ to .75¢, very common.

Gotcha. Thank you sir.

Put some paper towel in the bottom of the kinetic bullet puller before you start hammering away, so it does not come all the way out with force and damage the bullet nose.