.38-44, .32-44 and .38 Colt Special Cartridge Lengths Needed


Can anyone supply the above cartridge lengths from factory ammunition? The .38-44 and .32-44 were target rounds with longer-than-normal cases and the bullet was seated flush to the case mouth. The S&W New Model No. 3 revolvers were chambered for these (among other calibers). The .38 Colt Special is the .38 S&W Special with a flat-nosed bullet like the .32 Colt New Police.


Not exactly sure if the ones I have are the ones your after, but here goes
32-44 (hs U.M.C. 32-44) CL .969 OAL 1.019
38-44 (hs W.R.A.Co 38-44) CL 1.466 OAL 1.466


That’s exactly what I needed! Thanks for your help.




A .38-44 headstamped “U.M.C. .38-44” has a CL/OAL slightly longer than Tailgunner’s W.R.A.Co. and measures 1.470".

A .38 Special blackened case proof load headstamped “REM-UMC 38 COLT SPL” with the flat point bullet has a CL of 1.168" and an OAL of 1.529".




Thanks! It never hurts to get more than one sample. The .32 Colt Special is shorter than I expected.



Sorry to be a bother, but could I get the rim and case diameters? I’m trying to figure out if these cartridges were entirely new or if they were based on lengthened existing cases: like a longer .38 S&W for the .38-44 Target.

Many thanks for any help.



Designation, Bullet type, Headstamp, Case type, Bullet Dia, Case Length, Ctge Length, Rim Dia, Base Dia, Mouth Dia, Bullet in mm, Case in mm, OAL in mm, Rim in mm, Base in mm, Mouth in mm,

38-44 Target, LRN, W.R.A.Co 38-44, Recessed Bullet, B, 0.347, 1.466, 1.466, 0.436, 0.384, 0.381, 8.81, 37.2, 37.2, 11.1, 9.8, 9.7

32-44 S&W, LRN, U.M.C. 32-44, B, 0.324, 0.969, 1.019, 0.409, 0.347, 0.346, 8.23, 24.6, 25.9, 10.4, 8.8, 8.8,

Please pardon the poor formating of the data



Much obliged! For some reason these two cartridges caught got my attention.

Thanks for all your help.
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