38-44 hs?

Recently examined a 38-44 ctg, brass case and primer, lead rn bt no hs. What was the maker?


A few more details would help - and a photo. And dimensions.

My first question would be, how do you know it’s a 38-44? They are virtually identical to 38 Special and usually the only way to tell them apart is by the headstamp.


Or is this the .38-44 target cartridge with the deep-seated bulet, intended for use in the S&W New Model 3 target revolver?

Yes the 38-44 for the No3 S&W Target bt inside case.

As Ray said, pictures and dimensions may help. However, unless yoiu are fortunate enough to find them in their original boxes, it is quite often difficult to determine with any certainty the maker of unheadstamped cartridges.

Here is a schematic illustrating the 38-44 in both standard and gallery loading and other dimensions.