38-50 Ballard Everlasting

I have this blackened cased 38-50 Ballard everlasting. The primer seems to be held in with 2 rather crude crimps. Being a everlasting I assume it to be a reload. I’ve seen nickel plated everlasting cases but not blackened cases. Any thoughts as to who might of made the case?
38-50 Ballard everlasting 2


The blackening does’nt look very even so I would say storage caused it. As
to the case maker perhaps E. Remington, but with the file marks on the outer edge of the rim It’s kind of hard to be sure. Crimps are hand applied though no idea why. Did you try a strong magnet to see if it has an iron anvil?
As to Everlasting cases being factory blackened, new to me too.

Pete, thanks for the quick reply.

It could be storage discoloration. If it is it was loaded after the storage problem since the primer “crimps” show bare brass. The magnet test failed to show the presence of an iron anvil.