.38-55 High Power?

I have a .38-55 round made by Savage Arms Co. Headstamped “S.A.Co. 38-55 HP”. Does “H.P.” stand for “High Power”? If so, what makes this round “High Power”? Thanks in advance for any info.

I believe the Savage HP cartridges were discussed in a recent JOURNAL. Had box photos too, as I remember.


I’ll have to check, I STILL haven’t got round to reading everything in the last 2 journals.

Falcon-Yes “H.P.” stands for “Hi-Power”. Basicly it means it is a Smokeless Powder load instead of a Black Powder load. You will only find Jacketed Soft Point and Jacketed Hollow Point bullets in the “H.P.” loads as opposed to lead bullets in Black Powder loads.

Thanks Ron.