.38 Cal M41


I have been re-reading Yearout’s article on the “Aircrewman Revolver” in the July/Aug 91 issue of Man at Arms. In this article Yearout states the M13 (in the Colt version) was first issued in 1951. As I understand the M41 round was developed for the M13s and their alum. cylinders. What were the development dates for this ammo?? and when was it first issued?? What is the earliest M41 ammo head stamp that is known??

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This doesn’t answer your questions but,

The M41 is now classified as obsolete. When it was loaded as the Standard, I believe it was loaded to 16,000 psi which is pretty much the nominal pressure for 38 Special cartridges in small and medium frame revolvers. That would seem to be at odds with the statement that it was specially loaded for the aluminum cylinder revolvers.